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Advice on Job Hunting for a migrant (Filipino) (Brussels)

Hi all,

I am from the Philippines and I just moved to Belgium early this month to join my mother and sister.

I am a software developer with 2.5 years experience in a multinational British company providing software for the finance industry. I have been applying for a few weeks now and I have noticed that I barely get any response in my applications.

The job postings I have applied for have been all limited to those who only require the English language. So, while I know that the time passed is relatively short to be really worried, I am concerned that I may be missing, or not doing something sufficient in my job search. I have so far only limited my applications online through job sites.

Also, while I believe I have an outstanding academic background (graduated top of my class, etc.), I understand that I come from a university in the Philippines that is less known abroad, which implies that my 5-year engineering degree has less worth here. This coupled with my lack of French/Dutch skills and brief professional experience, I think I know how much at a disadvantage I am.

Anyway, if I may, I would like to ask for information, tips or advice (or by any chance, referrals? ;P) regarding getting myself employed (even in fields outside IT).

I am seeking this advice from the community to help me plan my goals. I want to know if my chance of employment here is really low that I should exert my efforts in pursuing further studies and learning a European language instead.

You may contact me through Protected content if you wish.

Thank you in advance. :]

Mark H.

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