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Airbnb hosts in Brussels/Belgium


One more try: I know you're out there, you're in my neighbourhood, even right on my block, I see you on the Airbnb site but contacting you that way requires posing as a lodger and could be taken as an irksome solicitation, so please contact me via IN: Are you or have you recently been an Airbnb host? Do you know anyone who is/has? If so, I want to briefly interview you (him/she/them) about your experience for an article on Airbnb to appear in Newcomer magazine. How did you become a host? Has the government made it more difficult (e.g. imposing excessive paperwork, controls)? Please contact me via IN, we can either do the interview by phone or the coffee's on me! In any case, I promise it won't take long.
Best, Lee.

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