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Brussels Solidarity Project

Dear all,

I would like to present you a social project in Brussels, Solidare-it! Protected content , for which one we are launched a crowdfunding campaign ( Protected content ). I think it's a good place here to share it.

You can find here more information:
Solidare-it! is an initiative launched by a group of committed citizens who believe that while awaiting structural political solutions, civilians can help each other in solving some urgent problems.

Although people have never been more connected to each other through mobile telephones, social networks and all kinds of internet fora, we notice that our society is impregnated by individualism, competitiveness, and indifference. We now want to use the power of communication technologies to build a real social network that truly connects people and enhances the exchange of solidarity. Solidarity involves no obligation and no demand for return in any sense. Solidarity is based on altruism and the only expected return should be the satisfaction of being able to help each other. We believe that many civilians are willing to offer a more personal solidarity besides a rather unengaged financial contribution to a social organisation. To give them this opportunity we developed a tool in the form of an internet platform.

The platform acts as a meeting place to facilitate the contact and exchange between its users and hereby connects people throughout all layers of society. The goal of the platform is to create a bridge and an exchange between local civilians who could use some help and those who are willing to offer their assistance. The group of people in need can be very diverse. It can be families with financial problems, refugees looking for a new home, an old lady needing some help with a move, etc. Supportive local civilians can offer a bed, a shower, a meal, administrative help, clothes, a conversation or other things. The exchange offers the people in need in the first place a temporary solution for an urgent problem. It can however enhance long term benefits. If a connection between two people (from different backgrounds) is made, both will exchange culture, knowledge, stories and experiences. This will generate mutual understanding, empathy and involvement. People will inspire and motivate each other. And finally this can lead to the emergence of friendships and a reinforcement of the social fabric.

Social organisations play an important role in this network since they are often confronted with people in need. By using the network, social organisations are able to facilitate their work by finding civilian support. Through the social organisations people in need without internet access or computer skills can also be part of the network. By using the network, social organisations get more visibility and recognition for their work.
The network is for everybody that instead of simply accepting things as they are, believe that they have the responsibility and the possibility of being part of the change toward a more inclusive world.

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