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Brussels vs Geneva

Have any of you lived in Geneva (as well as Brussels)?

All I've heard about life in Brussels (compared to Geneva) is the following:

•it's livelier than Geneva in terms of bars and restaurants;
•you can get a much bigger apartment for a lot less than you would pay in Geneva;
•taxes/social security contributions are much higher;
•it has many NGOs, and attracts lots of left-wing idealists who want to change the world,
•it's slightly more 'stable' than Geneva socially, and many people settle there long-term.

If you have lived in Geneva (as well as Brussels), I'd be interested to hear whether you agree with these things that I've been told.

Would you recommend life in Brussels compared to Geneva? Do you know how the dating scene compares? Is there a more 'balanced' male: female ratio? What is your experience of Brussels socially? What are people in Brussels like (in general)?

Any useful, constructive advice based on your experience of Brussels in comparison to Geneva would be much appreciated :)


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