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Christmas Special 'Dagelijkse Kost' (VRT) (Brussels)

I am working as a reporter for the Belgian cooking program 'Dagelijkse Kost' with Jeroen Meus (VRT). We're preparing a Christmas special where we would like to do a little item about people with different nationalities who live in Belgium and celebrate Christmas in different ways than we do. We're very interested in American people, because Christmas is an important holiday in the U.S. Also German people that live here and still celebrate Christmas with German traditions are of our interest. Other nationalities with special traditions can contact me too. We're looking for enthusiastic people who love to tell about their culture and its (Christmas) traditions.

The filming will take place at the candidate's home. The episode will be broadcasted December 22nd, the recording will take place December 4th, 5th or 6th. People of every age and sex are welcome to participate, as long as they celebrate Christmas with special traditions. This item will be broadcasted for 4 minutes in the television program. The estimated time to record the item is 5 hours.

Anyone who is interested can mail me: Protected content

Hope to talk to some of you soon!

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