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Considering Brussels

Hi All

I am an EU citizen and I have been living in Melbourne (AU) for 16 years now. Although life is good here financially and employment wise (I love my job) I don't think I am very happy with my social life, the cultural differences and the extreme sense of isolation that one has to put up with by living here.

In a few years time I would love to move back to Europe permanently before I am "too old' to be able to find a job (I am 31 at the moment) I have been considering Belgium as a possible place to live in since it is quite a socially progressive country and i assume there might be quite a large number of "English speaking" employment opportunities

I would like to hear from someone who lives in Brussels or has lived there and i hope you can answer some of my questions:

- I have experience in admin work especially in universities, it there much demand for those jobs there?
- I wouldn't mind working in the travel industry to start off with (hotel receptionist, working in a travel agency although i guess you need to know french or dutch for that sort of job?)
-My ultimate goal would be to get a job at Brussels airport as a check in operator, do you think that's doable since i am bilingual (ITA/ENG)
- What are rents like in Brussels?
- Do they offer free french and dutch lessons in Brussels for EU citizens?

Any other advice you want to give me is appreciated

Thanks in advance!

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