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Cultural patronage/ Mécénat Culturel (Brussels)

Dear all

I plan to apply for this sponsorship as part of cultural heritage restoration exceptional Walloon. This in connection with the renovation and rehabilitation of Oignies Abbey into a hotel about thirty rooms and ten suites accompanied by a cultural and welfare.

Well what is in the common-Aiseau Presle near Charleroi and is housed in a park of Protected content hectares. Abbey and the site has been classified in Walloon Heritage in Protected content . All have been in disuse for 40 years and suffered a fire in Protected content , renovations were begun by individuals who bought the property in Protected content . The cultural wing, including a theater, classrooms and a gallery is almost completely renovated. This leaves the central part and the other wing to restore.

All costs are estimated at € 7,877, Protected content . The abbey and the park is classified, the province, the Walloon Region and Europe will take place at a height of € 3,000,000
+ € 1,500,000 of the common development of the park. Sponsorship I aspire so the difference would cover the balance is € 3,377,841 and the shot put the purchase of a forced sale which is € 995,000. This would give a total of € 4,372,841.

To the blows of the work is less, I intend to use the technical schools nearby. Thus, there would be mainly dependent materials. This project would therefore enable the local community to be proud to participate in the development of this wonderful adventure is also a human dimension. My very strong taste for heritage, culture and entrepreneurship led me to this very nice project for the future.


Protected content Dardenne

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