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Customer Success Engineer (Brussels)

Are you a go-getter and a problem solver? Do you drop everything when a prospect requests information? Are you at ease in a technical discussion?
If you are based in Brussels we just might be a great fit.

What is it like to work at Proxyclick?

We offer a fun, entrepreneurial working environment within an exciting high-growth tech company where you can make a real difference. We like people who take their job seriously without taking themselves too seriously. We value people who take strong ownership of their work, but also recognize that truly exceptional results can only be achieved as a team.

You'll be working from our brand new Brussels office, a great space to express your talent!

What’s the job?

We are looking for a full-time team member to join our Customer Success team (part-time could also be possible). Fluent English is mandatory. German is a great plus, French and Dutch are a plus.

This position is intended to begin as soon as possible.

What does a typical working day looks like?

On a day to day basis, you'll reply to incoming e-mail requests from prospects and leads. Questions can be easy (just a redirect to a help article is enough) or more technical (e.g. you'll need to jump on a screen-sharing session to fix a printing issue).

Most requests are relatively easy. If you know the product well, a few e-mail / chat interactions would usually solve the issue and help the customer. We have tools to make this easy for you (links to Help Center, chatting tool …).

Some requests can also be quite technical. Customers might need help to connect their printer or set-up their iPad. They might have network or compatibility issues. You’ll then propose a screensharing session to see their screen and play with the printer, network or browser settings. This may take 15, 30, or even 60 minutes in some exceptional cases. Resolving such issues very often is the defining moment that turns a prospect into a client and generates long-lasting gratitude from key users.

You'll also proactively reach out to users to ensure their issues are fixed.

Is there more than Support?

Actually yes, quieter support weeks will be an opportunity to re-write and improve articles in the Help Center ( Protected content ).

You should be able to respond to more technical questions around API, AD, SAML/SSO... You will also be asked to set-up AD integrations.

We’ll also ask you to

Collect feedback from clients to influence future product releases
Provide insight and ideas for better team collaboration, product improvements, and sales initiatives
We’ll work together with you to help you develop a good knowledge of Proxyclick.

Who you are

You have experience dealing with large business clients
Picking up a phone to help a customer in need is completely normal to you
It really hurts you when things don’t work the way they should, you’ll do everything you can to fix this
You love, really love when customers are successful
Email, chat and social communication is part of who you are
Technology is a second nature, you are good at making technology work
You’re at ease playing around with printer, browser, and network settings
You both love to work in teams and are reliable when completing tasks on your own
Empathy, you put yourself in your customers' shoes
You are organized and good at managing your time efficiently
Curious, interested to understand the how and the why, keen to improve and ready to challenge status quo
Extras - it would be cool if you
Had previous experience in sales/customer support
Were already familiar with the tech startup culture
Were at ease when dealing with clients, prospects and teammates from multiple countries
Can play darts and pool :-) (both available at the office)
Education & Languages

We’ll consider most University degrees
Excellent written and spoken English-language proficiency (native level)
Fluency in German is a great plus
Fluency in French or Dutch is a plus
Up for it? Please apply exclusively here Protected content

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