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Dare to make your life better (Brussels)

For anyone who wants to progress in the personal/professional life
• To live in accordance with their deep wishes, needs and values
• To discover them
• To find the internal / external resources to achieve the goals and realise the life's projects
• To boost self-esteem and self-believe
• To understand yourself
• To live in harmony

I invite you to try COACHING - a powerfull tool to make the positive changes in your life in total mindfulness, by respecting your personality and your way of beeing. The subjects of sessions are always choosen by you.

Feel free to contact me.

An initial session of coaching of 30 minutes is offered.

There are several formulas of coaching : for private persons, for CEO, for the high-level and mid-tier executives, for the burgeoning entrepreneurs (especcialy women), for students.

The language of sessions you can choose as well : French, English, Russian.

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