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Deadline Dec 4: 2 EU Admin posts in Brussels

Dear All,

Please find attached a request for services .

Sorry - only apply via

Global (Based in Brussels)
Protected content Protected content 1
Administrative support to the evaluation of the EU Global Call for Proposals (FSTP)
Administrative expert Protected content
Administrative expert Protected content
French & English. One expert should also speak Spanish
Internal date for evaluation

We will only consider CVs tailored in the attached format for this (French or English format for your first language)

It is indispensable that the eligibility assessors are IT proficient and master the use of the
usual IT applications (word processors, spreadsheets, databases and email). Work experience
in a multicultural environment could be considered an advantage.

Concrete work experience in the above-mentioned areas should be clearly illustrated in the
experts' CVs. The area is FOOD SECURITY.

All the eligibility assessors must have an excellent command of English or French. At least
one of the proposed experts must have an excellent command of Spanish.

Ø Requested services
i) Opening submitted proposals, registering, numbering and verification of the
submission deadline and the supporting documents included therein;
ii) Encoding the administrative data of the proposals and of the applicants/partners in the
''Common Relex Information System'' (CRIS);
iii) Verification/examination of data and documents registered in the Potential Applicant
Data On-line Registration (PADOR) system by the applicants and the partners and/or
registration, as appropriate;
iv) Uploading in CRIS and in the common drive of Unit C7 the electronic versions of the
proposals assessed;
v) Administrative verification of the applications in accordance with the
administrative/eligibility check lists included in the application form;
vi) Encoding the results of all the assessment/evaluation steps in CRIS;
vii) Eligibility verification of the applicants, their partners and the proposed actions;
viii) Encoding the results of the eligibility check in CRIS;
ix) Preparation of the letters informing applicants about the assessment results to be sent
upon the examination, approval and signature of the EC Officials in charge;
x) Filing and archiving of applications, assessment grids and any other documents or files
related to the evaluation, including exchanges with the Delegations, external assessors;
xi) Assistance, through inter alia the functional mailboxes for the Call for Proposals, in
the preparation of quality replies to applicants in view of helping, in particular the
small organisations in the beneficiary countries, to become familiar with the Calls for
Proposals procedures applied by EuropeAid;
xii) Participation in the Evaluation Committee meetings with observer capacity if
requested, including fulfilment of the administrative tasks involved for the smooth
culmination of the Evaluation Committee's work.

To, apply please submit your tailored CV through Protected content using our recently updated format.

Please note this is an Administrative post in Brussels requiring a profile below (but clearly experience working as in the TOR should be highlighted). It is paid at an Administrator rather than a Senior or Junior rate.
(It might apply to colleagues you know rather than only yourselves.)

To have a good chance, your CV must indicate projects which fulfill TOR s3 criteria explicitly and highlight the keywords in bold. :

It is essential too that the attached CV format is used. (in French, attached)

best regards

FWC team

Brussels Forum