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discovering our neighbors! yoga and tea in a park (Brussels)


Hello. I'm new in Brussels and looking for interesting people to meet!

I was thinking since I am a yoga teacher and I love sharing the knowledge of yoga and well being
why not having a yoga meeting!
everybody knows that yoga is healthy, trendy :) and good for everyone.
probably most of the woman have attended to a yoga class or attending a yoga class or at least thought about attending a class.

so what I'm proposing is that we could meet up and have a yoga class
than have a tea or little snack as we get to know each other and share.
A healthy meeting up and making friends!

I'm thinking that I could offer you a class at 7 euros per person.
as you know 7 euros are less than a half price of a single class.
And I know many of you out there have been thinking to do yoga but found it too expensive.
The small charge will go for the respect of the work and your engagement and sincerity

for me it's really to make a friend in a healthy and synergic way and also to offer what i could offer to people in a friendly, community like atmosphere.

It will be a place for people to come together and inspire one another!

for location, We could do in a park in Brussels when the sun comes up again.
Or if one of you have a place indoor or outdoor that would be suitable for this meeting and happy to share with the group. It would be amazing.

The meeting will be twice a week.
A women circle during weekdays and a yoga picnic for everybody (men,women,family) during week ends.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any suggestion, idea or advice.

I hope it sounds nice and exciting.
wishing that my intention reaches you.

PS. For those who wonder about my qualification and type of yoga.
I am an international yoga alliance registered Sivananda yoga teacher.
As well as a Waba registered Watsu therapist.
I practice more than 4 different kind of massage.
And currently working as a yoga teacher, watsu therapist and Yoram massage therapist.
For the moment I’m not working full time. I’m still having my time to settle. Learning French and making my home. I was looking to do something more casual that I could meet new people and discovering my neighbors and town And that’s how I came a cross this idea.
Yoga in a park!!!

Love & Light

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