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Diving: starting PADI Open water training course (Brussels)

I’m interested in getting a PADI open water diploma, and got some information from a friend of mine, who is an advanced diver. I’m now opening this offer to people on Internations, to see if anyone would be interested in joining me. This is not a commercial ad, I'm just looking for "dive buddies" :-)

What’s the deal about? Achieving a PADI open water certificate. What does this certificate allow you to do:
• Diving up to 18 meters in all areas where diving is allowed
• You only need to be accompanied by another person with the same Open Water certificate, no need for an instructor to accompany you. Never dive alone.
• PADI is the most popular certificate accepted around the world and especially good for recreational divers.
• Open Water is the basic certificate, it can be followed by “Advanced Diver” trainings.

What is required:
• Ability to swim Protected content , any style
• Medical approval (written statement) from your GP. You will also need to fill in a medical questionnaire when starting to dive.
• Photo for your ID card

• If I find at least one other candidate to join me: Protected content pp
• Included:
o 4 to 6 sessions (this depends on how quickly you get the hang of it) in English by a certified instructor. The instructor is connected to a group called CoolDivers.
o Full training (theoretical & practical part)
o Final test, spread over two days
o Material (tanks, goggles, wetsuit, …)
o Insurance
o Certificate with PADI organization
o Use of a pool of choice (except Nemo, see below)
o Starter’s kit (book & dvd, in English if available)
• Not included:
o Transportation to pool & location for final test
o Food & beverages
o If Nemo: extra entry charges for use of this pool

• 1 session of theoretical instructions in Zellik, then self-study
• Theoretical examination
• Practical training sessions, in a pool of choice
o 4 to 6 sessions, depending on ability of diver
o The intention is the master a set of 20 exercises that every diver must know
• Practical examination
o In open water, usually in Ekeren (north of Antwerp) or Floreffe
o 4 dives spread over two days, where you will demonstrate the 20 exercises
o Apparently you can’t have a cold for this. Can be quite annoying, I guess…

My buddy is prepared to give a try-out session, before you pay the full Protected content .

What is Nemo 33??
• Nemo is the deepest artificial diving pool in the world Protected content and is used to train professional divers
• It has an underwater cave and last time I visited, a car in the pool.
• Entry price for Nemo for a dive is about 30 €, under guidance of my buddy. This could be our try-out dive.
• If we choose for the training courses to also take place at Nemo, we have to add the entry price to the basic Protected content , so 30€ per session. This is not a must, we can choose a regular pool for this too.
• Nemo also organizes training courses, but they use a different certification: SSI, and not PADI.

Since the final test is in open water, I suggest we don’t wait too long to start, otherwise the water is going to be freeeeeeezing. For instance:
• Try out dive end of August, location to be determined. This is just to see if “you like it”. You do need the medical approval, even for this try-out! No approval, no dive.
• If you feel up for the certification course we can decide on a planning with the instructor, and decide on a pool. The course must be paid up front (CC is possible at the diving center in Zellik)
• This is a commitment of course, and you also need to be able to free up a weekend for the final test in open water
• One advice I got was to invest in your own mask, so you don’t have to use a rented one each time.

So, who would be interested? If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate. If a few people show interest, I can organize a get-together with my buddy one evening to talk details.

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