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do you like to do some part time activity? (Brussels)

Hello every body in this group! DEAR FRIENDS!

I want to inform you before I come to brussel on 14.12. Protected content FOUR DAYS
you can gather and organise some interesting people/friends group during my stay in brussel (it free for participants and you will not get money for that).

I would like to give you all a beutiful Gift (X-MAS and New yaer) called Nature-Life-Balance Philosophy to learn natural methods to protect your health and spread peace in the society too.

Please let me know if any body wants to talk about Nature-Life-Balance philosophy which i developed through my scientific as well as spiritual thinking. i worked several years to realise some facts and i want to share to the people who are willing to protect their life as well as nature.

I wish you nice day and waiting for the response from you so that we can meet in brussel. meeting could be in group or even individual(personal).I will send you more details if you like in which hotel meeting is help.

Thanks and regards

Health and peace for all

Sri Vishnu Pala

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