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Emergency surgery at private hospital, who pays? (Brussels)


Some years ago, i had a horrible situation where i went to three emergencies, with none of them being able to treat me, and giving me wrong diagnosis as it later became clear. They all mentioned "You have to see a specialist"
When i finally booked a specialist at Louise Medical centre, he forwarded me directly to Parc Leopold hospital, with a letter that i had to have a surgery NOW.

End of story, i got my treatment at Parc leopold, it was an emergency surgery, as i had an abscezz which had grown very large, and was about to burst, which could have been life threatening.

I received however an invoice of about Protected content which i first refused to pay as i had not expected this, and it was just my first 6 months in Brussels.

Now i was told that i should ve never paid for it, because it was an emergency case.
Does anyone have a similair experience? Or could direct me to a lawyer or help centre where i could bring this case up?


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