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EU affairs graduate looking for job/internship (Brussels)


Hello internationers :)

I'm writing this post on behalf of a recent EU affairs graduate. She's a young Dane and lives in Bruxelles. She recently finished her graduate studies focused on EU affairs at Copenhagen University with excellent results. Even though she recently graduated she has a lot of experience through working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in the EU affairs department) and the Danish PermRep in Bruxelles during her studies. Strong knowledge and insight into EU institutions and procedures. She also has experience from the private sector with business development projects (a big Danish interest cooperation working on creating new market opportunities for its members in the ICT area).

She has a lot of energy and is eager to try to help coorporations or interest organisations in monitoring, managing and actively engaging in specific EU policy areas at all levels. Also of course willing to do some administrative and practical work (in short: she's very versatile).

She'll be more than willing to start out as intern/trainee so long as she'd been given the opportunity to show what she can do.

If anyone should have an idea please let me know and I'll pass the information on to her and have her make contact as soon as possible.

PS: The reason why she's unemployed at the moment is that she follow me to Bruxelles at very short notice (I very recently took up a position at NATO).

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