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Expat Health Coverage (Brussels)

Hello, Fellow Expats!

After a certain customer service experience I have recently had, I am quite eager to get the word out about Cigna Global Health Insurance for expats. I have been with Cigna Global for nearly a year, and I was initially very happy to sign up with this company. Cut to now, however, and I have been beyond dismayed at the extremely rude and inefficient customer service I have received. Despite having authorized coverage for a specific service months ago, Cigna made every move possible to avoid reimbursing my doctor when she submitted invoices as asked. It has taken numerous calls and emails to the company in order to get information, and the input that my doctors have made to Cigna have been dismissed. Despite being a service that is theoretically designed to look after the needs of clients, Cigna has been acting the role of doctor and making (unfounded) medical decisions that have a very real negative effect on clients. It feels very much as if this is just another big business interested only in its bottom line and not providing a positive service for clients. I am personally paying an extremely high premium to Cigna to in order to receive their highest quality coverage, and so far I've been blocked from actually being able to benefit from the coverage. To make matters worse, my doctor whom Cigna was meant to reimbursed has been put off by this whole experience. As a result, she will understandably not want to take insurance from other patients. This is a doctor who normally does not accept insurance but was willing to try in my case. Thus, everything has a snowball effect. Ultimately, please, please run, don't walk away from Cigna Global Health Services. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Global or BUPA might be better options. I've not yet explored these other options, but there MUST be something out there better than what I have experienced!

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