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Fake Profiles ! Be aware !!!!!! (Brussels)

Please be aware of Fake Profiles.

The people of InterNations are quite good and react very quickly if you report something so, do not hesitate to contact them.

Also in InterNations as in any other social media site you could be approached buy people with bad intentions ....

Just some tips:
. Somebody that claims to come from an english speaking country (Canada, USA, UK, Australia, etc) should write perfect english or at least good english and not have too many grammatical errors.
. This is not a dating site so Gorgeous, Beautiful, Handsome, Love of my live are suspicious approaches.
. If you never met him or her in person, be careful.
. Born in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, ... and working in a far away conflict country .... Why on earth does he/she send me a contact request ??????

Enjoy InterNations and make lots of friends !

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