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First event of Yoga & Well-being Group !!! (Brussels)


Thanks to many members who've shown enthusiasm and interests on ' Discovering our neighbors, yoga and tea in the park'
We have now our first Yoga circle!
Because of the weather condition, the event will happen indoor.
but the tea, healthy snack and meaningful exchange is still guaranteed!!!

Yoga Circle / All level

1 hour and a half of Yoga class
in the tradition of Sivananda hatha yoga.

‘The purpose of yoga is to make our body and the mind to be healthy and function properly. Ultimately to look for the inner peace.’

The class starts with breathing excercise and sun salutation
to warm up our energetic and the phisical body.
it follows by asana (yoga postures) carefully designed to improve or maintain the health of the spine which is the pillar of our body,
and to follow the each levels of the chakras (energy gates) from top to the bottom.
after serise of asanas the class finises with relaxation.
relaxation helps to settle the energy that one restored through the course of yogic excercise into the body.

Once the class is over, we close the circle with little tea and healty vegan snack.

Yoga is for everyone.
everyone who’d seek for better self.
weather in terms of health, shape, mind capacity, concerntration and so on…
Yoga is not merely a form of exercise.
it’s a way of life.

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What to bring :
If you have a Yoga mat. please bring one.
comfortable cloths to wear
Warm clothes to stay warm during relaxation.

Price : 12 €

About the instructor

Hae In Cho
Qualified international Sivananda Yoga teacher.
Waba registered Watsu therapist
Yoram massage therapist
Awareness through the body instructor

Hae-In Cho has been studying the body and its infinite possibilities all her life. She started with the practice of various Martial Arts (Taekwondo, Capoeira and Tai-Chi) and also explored dance through many forms (traditional dance from Korea, contemporary dance and most importantly Butoh and Contact Improvisation).

Hae-In has received teaching in many different types of massage: Lomilomi, Reiki, Ayurvedic acupressure massage, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga massage, Tantsu® and Watsu®.

She did all her study in India including yoga teacher training in Madurai vedanta ashram.

Her teaching of yoga reflects the principles and understanding of therapy and body work, combined with the richness found in dance and the practice of Martial Arts.

Look forward to see you soon.

Love & Light

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