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Free belly dance class May 5th at 19:00, Etterbeek (Brussels)


Awalim Belly Dance

Belly dance is excellent to strengthen the pelvic floor and to keep our natural health and vitality there as well. It also reinforces the spine and makes it more flexible as well as it massages the organs in our belly.

We have the honor to work with Orsalya, a Hungarian teacher who's playful but to the point approach will please you. She herself has taken classes with a impressive number of teachers in all different styles and she will pass on these different techniques to us.
She's a true professional and we hope that you will come and join our group.

80€/10 lessons 

Location: Chiness Centre, Graystreet 4, Etterbeek

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Free introduction class on May 5th at 19:00!!!!! Let us know if you want to join. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with myself for the first belly dance class?

You will need to wear something you can move freely in. The best choice is a tight T-shirt with a loose trouser or a fitness trouser .Although the t-shirt doesn’t necessarily need to be skin-tight or show belly/ skin it should be something that fit close enough to your body. In that clothes I can see what you are doing and I can provide you with feedback. If you hide yourself I won’t realize the mistakes in time so I cannot correct you. A hip scarf or a shimmy belt can emphasize your hip movement, but If you don’ feel like spend your money on that you don’t have to. Please don’t use a belt with coins. For footwear you can go barefoot, you can put on comfortable sandals, and you can use ballet shoes.

Which kind of body shape is recommended for belly dance?/ Do I need to be a certain body type to belly dance?

Belly dancers are come in all shape and size. You are never too old or to fat for belly dancing .A lot of professional belly dancer are full figured and perform into older age. You can also keep it in your mind that cultural standards of the beauty are variables. Middle -eastern societies prefer women that have more meat on their bones. This dance form helps to create feminine curves/shape for everyone, and help you to find your inner beauty. The beauty of this dance form that you can feel free and comfortable. You are surrounded with other women so you don’t have to worry about your coordination and body shape. You can easily find yourself in a friend company and you will feel like belonging to a community.

Is it necessary to have a little curve for belly dance?

A lot of women worrying because they feel like they have some weight to loose and in the same time the others who have skinny shapes worried about that they will not be able to dance without curves. Both of them just excuse. You shouldn’t make a problem out of it. Sometimes the full figure dancers learn easier how to shake their belly but the body shape does not really influence to learn the right technique and isolations.

Should I show my bare belly while I performing?

In fact, many professional dancer keep their stomachs covered even when they performing. There are a lot of beautiful traditional costumes that cover the belly.

Can I use belly dance to lose weight and get into shape?

Of course. Dance is a good cardio work out. For someone who didn’t lead a sporty life previously belly dance can mean dramatic changement/ Bellydance may help the participants to lose weight depending on the lifestyle and healthy choices. Some classes are more vigorous workout than the others. In the beginners class the priority is to learn how to isolate and move. Later we will move faster and we will repeat the movements more. The intermediate course involves more step and less explanations and keep students continuously moving throughout the class time. If you are seeking for weight loss you should come at least 3 times per week.

Is it age related to learn belly dance?

No. it is never too late to learn how to belly dance. It is no age limit and it only can have a good effect on your body. A lot of Egyptian teacher perform into old age. This also shows that belly dance has a good effect on the body. Unlike ballet belly dance is not hard on your body. The regular dance helps you to get over the premenstrual symptoms and period related pains and tiredness. It also helps to/ softer/ melder the hormon changing connected bad mood.

Is it recommended to belly dance before or after pregnancy?

The historical origins of this dance form is connected with child birth. Belly dance was used a fertility dance and to ease the birthing process. It is warmly recommended to belly dance after pregnancy. It is a fantastic way to rebuild your abdominal muscles and get back into shape. Many of the movements what you can learn strengthen your core muscle and pelvic floor. Because of that reasons you can also use belly dance as a part of a pre-natal fitness program. With a physician approval I cannot see any reason why you should not take belly dance course! For liability reasons I must insist that you discuss this question with you physician before starting dance.

How long does it take to learn belly dance?

It is depending on how hard and constant you practise. It is hard to predict how long it will take you to learn belly dance. The basic dance foundation movements are not difficult for most of the people. Although you can learn how to isolate in 2 or 3 months many other movements take a long time to perfect. Become well enough to perform in front of publicly is another story. Later on you will be more flexible for do the movements. Mental blocks will also disappear.

Can man bellydance?

Sure. it is traditional in the Middle East. There are also many male belly dancer in Egypt.The Egyptian teachers dance in a masculine way. They add more folkloric movement and less revü into their presentation.

Famous male dancers: Magdy el Leys, Momo Kadous,Horacio Cifuentes.

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