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Freefone Samu-Social 0800 99 340 can save lives (Brussels)


Dear all,
I will like to share with you this information. This is a very important freefone of Samu/Social Brussels. Protected content
It will be very useful during the winter months and can save lives, if people know about and how to use it.
Please feel free to write it down, print, copy or save in your mobile phone.
1- Why this freefone:
- To give everyone the chance to call Samu-Social for help
- To be found by Samu-Social for assistance. (food, bed, blankets,medical care, moral suport etc)
- To encourage all others to help those who can´t make the fone call by themself.
2- How to use it
- Give it directly to someone in need if you think will be able to walk, talk, call by himself etc
- Call this number for free and give the position of the person in need
For more info be free to contact me

Thank you very much for your help

Henry, Eija, Dianka

Freefone Samu-Social Protected content
Protected content

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