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Friday national strike day (Brussels)

Your local strike manager reports again ...

This Friday, 24 June, is a national strike day, as requested by the Socialist union. These are the expected consequences:

- train: not all unions will participate, but delays are expected. Sometimes Brussels is worse off than other regions, because it doesn't take a lot to block the north/south passage.
- Brussels MIVB/STIB: expect no traffic on metro, busses, trams, since the other unions announced they will also participate. If there is any, it will be an exception so do check the website.
- Airport: they don't expect many problems for flights, but luggage handling (as was seen a few weeks ago) could be in trouble. They apparently don't like working.
- public services: not a good day to have your passport renewed... Hospitals should be running normally.
- schools: not many problems expected, schools should be open
- postal services: could be strongly affected
- shops: your local supermarket might be blocked, so shop on Thursday!

Good luck!


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