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Georgetown MBA grad with Belgian citizenship (Brussels)


I'm going to go out on a limb. I'm 30-years-old, have a bachelor degree in marketing and have an MBA from Georgetown University. I have dual Belgian and US citizenship. Yet, for some reason I have not received any respectable job offers. I have three years experience in an EMEA purchasing position in the defense sector, which essentially entailed the negotiation, oversight, and risk analysis of multi-million dollar contracts. I've worked in more than 20 markets.

My market value marginalizes 99% of the candidates of my age and/or educational qualifications (technical positions being the core exception).

My educational qualifications alone should secure me an entry-to-mid-level management function in Europe. Yet, for some reason, small businesses and multinational corporations are choosing younger, less competent, less qualified, and less intelligent individuals for functions way beyond their scope of knowledge, expertise, and ability to be taught in a reasonable (read: six months or less) amount of time.

Multinational corporations in Europe essentially boil down to nothing more than a small business unit being run and managed by the local population seeking to enforce a strict protectionist strategy of employment. The only difference between PriceWaterhouse Coopers and a local newspaper is that PWC gives the appearance of being international.

Interim and selection offices, ranging from Adecco to Robert Half and Michael Page are a big joke here. Don't be fooled by them. Michael Page's employment turnover is higher than the cholesterol count in a batch of onion rings.

Language-wise, I speak French fluently, speak Spanish, and am learning German, Swedish, and Portuguese. Your average Flemish Belgian telling you they speak French fluently is full of crap - they don't - I've tested them.

Seriously, guys, you can't afford NOT to hire me!

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