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Germans in Brussels - Zweitwohnsitz in Germany?

Dear all, this is a question to the Germans in the Forum:

I am a German, having worked on German contracts all my life and always having a flat and "Wohnsitz" in Germany. Now I am moving to Brussels and working on a Belgium contract, with a Belgian employer. I still rent a flat in Germany, but I have subrented it. Can someone advise me if it is feasible / mandatory / a good idea to still have a "Zweitwohnsitz" in Germany after having moved to Belgium? I understand that I must pay a Zweitwohnsitzsteuer, but can get it back from taxes as Doppelte Haushaltsführung...? Does it have any consequences for social services if I have or have not a Zweitwohnsitz (e.g. if I get unemployed, become pregnant, ...?)?

Any help would be appreciated!!


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