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HELP! Troubles with student visa approval..... (Brussels)


I have been in Belgium since February and started studying French at IESPCF i was told that this school was recognised and would allow me to stay and study in Brussels. I would like to learn French and continue study but i have been told that after 10 months (despite the fact i only started in March and there has been 2 months holidays plus weekly holidays between modules I should speak French by now) and it is no longer acceptable as a subject for me to study to keep my student visa! My partner is Belgian but i am illegible to apply for spousal visa because my divorce has not been legally granted yet. This means if i can't find a solution when i go back to Australia in November for 10 days for my sisters wedding i won't be able to return! I have looked at university but it is too late to enrol and also i don't understand French well enough I haven't learnt future tense yet. Please does anyone know what i can do???

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