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Help - where to live.. I am very confused!!! (Brussels)


Hello everyone, I know this topic is discussed a lot on this forum, but the more I look the more confused I become.. any advice would really be appreciated. We've never been to Brussels, thus my confusion!

My husband and I (mid 40s) and have no children (except our two small dogs). My husband will also be working from home, so we are not concerned about the daily commute.

We are looking for a suburb where we can live in a villa or house with a private garden for the dogs. It would be great if there were green areas or parks nearby for walking the dogs.

I would also like somewhere that has a decent selection of restaurants, bars and shopping (either walking or a short drive).

Good transport links to Brussels (say 30 minutes maximum travel time) - although we do have a car.

I've been looking at Woluwe/Etterbeek/ Ixelles/ Uccle.

I would really appreciate any advice! Any thoughts?

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