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Housing in Leuven (Brussels)

This is a longshot I suppose, but does anyone know anyone who is renting in Leuven? We are a fanily of 4 looking for a 3 bedroom house/apartment. We have been to Leuven last week for a 3 day rental search, found absolutely NOTHING!! And left with very little hope. Since then we have been calling almost everyday for apartments and almost all apartments/ houses are rented by the time we call.

I'm really starting to lose all hope after being told constantly before our relocation that it's much easier to find a place to live compared to France. Well I have to say so far we've found Belgium to be way worse than France and not very child friendly compared to France.

Anyway, sorry for the little rant that goes with this mail, but please, if you do anyone in Leuven who can help, let me know.


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