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How to receiving an apartment for free (Brussels)

We live with our baby in Brussels centre in a nice apartment rented more than one year ago. The owner Protected content old) not having anybody family related alive, has thought to leave to apartment to us after her death.
Now you may think "lucky you", well don't! I recently discovered that not being family related, I shall pay huge taxes to the Belgium government, which will go up to 80% . A real atrocity, whether we talk about succession or donation, will trigger the same taxes.
Another way is to pay a monthly "rente viagère" but the lady doesn't agree with this and said that she will come later with an even better solution! Since I respect her I cannot ask but thus I became curious, however I run out of ideas...
if any of you have faced with "how to avoid taxes in Brussels", I would be very grateful to know :)

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