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ING Core Fund and overall investing in Belgium (Brussels)

Hey there, so I just asked my bank (ING) the following questions but I don't expect a quick nor clear answer so here we go :

Is the deposit fee of up to 3% for the first deposit or all deposits? What is the actual fee value?
What is yearly management fee, 1.5% (cf Protected content ) or 2.16% (cf Protected content )?
Do TOB apply to ING Core Fund or is it a different tax rate?
According to the values provided on ING Core Fund Website (3% deposit fee, 2.16% yearly management fee, 10% yearly return and TOB 1%) would a 100eur deposit return approximately 103.5eur at the end of the year?
What are the fees to transfer out of the invest account?
Are there tax deduction for an invest account?
Are the TOB paid via ING (cf Protected content ) or via the yearly declaration?

Regarding stock investing :

Is there a yearly management fee for stocks?
Is there only a deposit fee for stocks? e.g. buying AAPL on NASDAQ solely 0.75%?

Overall I would also appreciate general feedback on investing and accounting in Belgium.

Please note that I have NO attachment to ING or ING Core Fund in particular so I'm also open to suggestions for other ETFs or Belgium banks regarding investing (I would still stick to ING for day to day banking).

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