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Internship/Job websites? for an American expat (Brussels)


I'm a 23-year-old college graduate holding a Bachelor's Degree from a prestigious American university. I've been living in Europe for almost 2 years post-graduation, speak English and Spanish, and am learning French.

I've been on the job hunt for nearly 6 months, which little luck. I've used websites such as and I'm wondering if anyone knows of other, valuable job/internship websites. I'm also open to any advice that expats and native europeans have about nailing down a job.

As an American, I've run into several roadblocks, not the least of which being the financial disincentive for companies to hire non-EU citizens like myself. My logic leads to me believe that for this reason I should look to larger companies that are able to afford the extra expense of hiring someone like me. Any thoughts?

Finally, if anyone knows of websites that focus specifically on NGO, non-profit, and/or environmentally-oriented internships/jobs, that would be great as the environment and related topics are my areas of interest. Thank you!!!

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