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Interviewing International Professionals (Brussels)

Hi everyone!

I'm a graduate student studying international development and migration at the University of Kent in Brussels. Our school is partnered up with a career development organization, Key2Advance, run by a former alumni, in an effort to map the Brussels job market.

We're looking to interview professionals who work in the international field (human rights, international law, development, migration, humanitarian aid, international affairs, etc.) to learn a little bit about what they do and how they came to hold the job they currently have. The interviews are very short, usually less than 10 minutes, and are filmed and then compiled online to be used as a reference for students who would like more information about work in a particular field, or to hear about some general experiences in the Brussels job market.

I figured I'd ask the Brussels community if there was anyone who would like to volunteer to be interviewed, or might know someone who would want to participate.

There are only 5 questions, listed below.

1. Introduce yourself (name, organisation and position)
2. Name some typical tasks you perform during a working week?
3. What specific skills and qualifications are required to do…
4. What is the best way to apply to get a job in your…
5. Future “thematic” trends in your field of work?

Thanks for reading! If you would like to volunteer to be interviewed you can send me a private message or email me at Protected content

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