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Job opportunity in Brussels

I am currently working as a software engineer with 2 years experience in a reputed firm in India. My skillset involves Linux /Unix,Oracle,SQL and ITIL. Recently got an opportunity in Brussels to work in a 24*7 support project at a yearly gross salary of 37,886 Euro (tax-free allowances not included).Also been told that shift allowance of 70 Euro per night shift is also there.

But I am in a confused state of mind as whether to accept or decline the offer? And even if I need to negotiate with the employer then I need you people to help me out on what basis or points/conditions I should be in a position to negotiate or what all i can ask ?

How to calculate the exact monthly(take to home) salary from a yearly gross of 37,886 Euro ?

Qualification - Btech
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Need your valuable suggestions.


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