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Join the Poles as they lead Europe from July 1!!! (Brussels)


The Irish in Europe Association (International) AISBL (IEAI) would like to take this opportunity of wishing the Polish Community in all of Europe a very enjoyable and successful first time Presidency of the European Union.

The Irish and the Polish peoples have many cultural and historic similarities and both countries have large Diasporas around the world.

Ireland was one of the few EU States to open its borders to Polish workers when Poland became a member of the European Union on May 1, Protected content . Some 200,000 Polish citizens live and work in Ireland. This had led to the strengthening of economic and cultural ties between Ireland and Poland.

In Brussels the IEAI will celebrate its relationship with the Polish people in the coming months. It will have Irish-Polish network events in which all nationalities are welcome to attend. It will organise an Irish-Polish cultural fusion evening in September and it will launch the inaugural annual Sean Lester Irish-Polish Memorial Lecture at a date to be announced. The IEAI is a Patron of the Toastmaster Bilingual Club Development Programme and it will assist in the establishment of the first Polish–English bilingual club in Brussels (Gdansk Toastmasters of Brussels) and which will be sponsored by the Claddagh Irish Toastmasters.
The Irish meet the Poles on the first day of the Polish EU Presidency
at Crossing Borders on the Terrace.
Crossing Borders on the Terrace is a new “Village Integration Project” organised by the IEAI on each Friday as of 1 July between 17.30 and 19.30. The Irish meet another culture on the Terrace at The Meeting Point, 39 Rue du Taciturne, Protected content (Metro Schuman). Each culture shares information with other nationalities about their culture, holiday tips and also on topics such as living and working in Brussels as they laze and chat in the sunshine over a happy hour beer.
Come along and meet the Poles before every one goes later to the big celebration evening party at Place Saint - Croix. Guests can come and go at any time and stay longer if they wish. Admission Free - All nationalities are Welcome!
Full list of Crossing Borders on the Terrace Dates on internations local events
Friday July Protected content Irish Meet the Poles
We also seek volunteers to organise joint Polish- Irish Fusion events...
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