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Kids schools and places to live near expat schools (Brussels)


Hi there

I am new to this (and have just paid a years membership so I hope it's worth it!)
My husband and I are are moving over to Belgium in a couple of months and I want to put them both into full time bilingual (or at least English speaking) school (aged 1 1/2 and 4 1/2) I am thinking Montessori is my best option as then both girls will be together.

I will be working in La Louviere but don't want to live there as my husband will be home a lot so I want to make sure there is plenty to do withing an easy train journey to the city centre.

I also need a 3 bedroom apartment that has wi-fi. As it may only be for 6 months depending on when we are moved to the next location I'm looking at those apartments that are serviced or just a normal apartment - not sure

Basically I want it to be a great experience for my family so any thoughts or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

I don't speak French and nor do my kids although I'm hoping we will both pick it up!


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