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Legal Advice for renter's protection in Brussels

we have moved to Brussels since march, we have rented a flat it was a nice one, that's what we thought at the beginning. the flat is a duplex, the bedroom is in the basement with a small room as a seller. after living there we cant sleep because of the smell coming out of the cellar, the humidity is high and since there is not a good ventilation i started to have problems with my nose. we asked the owner to solve the problem since June, there were two companies came to inspect and they proposed to fix a ventilator. then she called us and said sorry it will cost a lot am not going to solve it. we can't stay anymore in the flat. the owner is really arrogant, and when we told her we don't want to stay, she said since we have signed a contract for three years we have to pay three month. or we go to a lawyer. the thing is that when we signed the contract we didn't know there is a humidity and ventilation problem, we took it as a good and a healthy flat to live in. now she don't want to solve it. please is there any customer protection, or renter protection or a cheap lawyer in Brussels. please help us since we are expats here, and we have rights to say that we were tricked.

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