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Let's talk about Refugees and Migrants event (Brussels)

The world is facing an unprecedented displacement crisis. Today, more than 65 million people are forcibly displaced as a result of violent conflicts and natural disasters.
In Protected content , over 1 million people – refugees, displaced persons and other migrants – have made their way to the EU, either escaping conflict in their country and in search of better economic prospects. While the numbers have shown a decreasing trend in Protected content , by June around Protected content have reached Europe.

Many people arrive in the EU after perilous land or sea journeys and require basic humanitarian assistance, such as provision of clean water, health care, emergency shelter and legal aid. Many of these displaced people are children who have special protection needs. The migration flow is impacting transit countries, such as Turkey, Greece and Libya, sometimes overwhelming national emergency response capacities.

Refugee crisis is one of the most important issues that facing Europe these days and since Protected content crisis has been risen when the war in Syria started.

Let's talk about refugees and migrants, for the first time, it is a presentation will talk and discuss about many points:
1. What is the difference between (Refugee, Migrant and Asylum seeker).
2. How many refugees in the world?
3. What is the asylum seeker process in Belgium?
4. Why the refugee has fled?
5. What is difference between the refugee status and subsidiary protection?
6. Real examples and reports.

It is not just a presentation, it is a place to discuss refugee crisis and raise awareness about it.

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If you can't make it this time, join our next activity in April in Brussels ChangeMakers group:
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