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Literary workshop accepts new members (Brussels)

Dear all,

Up until recently we used to be a literary group of three very dedicated writers. Sadly, we received notification that one of our members is soon to be leaving us for an undetermined period of time. Now, the position is vacant and we are also looking into the possibility of enlarging the group.
We are based in Brussels and in activity for little over one year. So far our members achieved a short listing and a publication.
If the idea of joining interests any of you, or if you are just curious of learning more about either of us, do let me know. I encourage both posts on the thread here or PMs - whichever makes you feel more comfortable.
***later edit***
I did not realise so many people will be interested in this - of course, this makes me all the more happier, but also leaves me at a loss as to how to answer to all your messages with just the 5 messages/month allotment InterNations allows for the basic members.
For those of you who already contacted me, and for those out there that are still interested, drop me a line at albu [dot] milena [at] gmail [dot] com and I will be happy to answer.
Also, a lot of people asked about price - there is no price - so far the group activity is free, our main focus is on dedication: getting better at our craft and stay in the game.

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