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Local action: Romanian products at Delhaize SM (Brussels)

In Romania, December is not only the month
of presents, but a month rich in holidays.
December 1st is the National Day of Romania,
celebrating the most important moment in the
history of modern Romania. In Protected content , on December
1st, in the city of Alba Iulia, representatives of
the historical regions of Transylvania and Banat
unanimously decided the unifi cation with the
Kingdom of Romania. December 1st marks
the accomplishment of a centuries-old dream
of Romanians - consolidation of sovereignty
and national identity of a modern single state:
It is undeniable that such a moment in history is
celebrated every year by all Romanians around
the world, with a special feeling of joy and pride,
through activities commemorating the Heroes
who contributed to the reunifi cation of the
country, military parades in all major cities, and,
not least, through a culinary festivity.
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The entire month of December is actually a
charming mix of celebrations of the National
Day and of religious holidays with a very special
symbolism: St. Nicholas, the Holy Christmas, and
the celebration of the transition into the New
Year. The Revolution of Protected content took place in
December, just before Christmas.
December is also a month of a culinary carnival
“à la roumaine”. All these joyful moments are
celebrated in Romania including through
special culinary festivities. Romanians prepare
themselves for the different celebrations by
cooking various dishes of the fi nest Romanian

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