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Looking for a job (june till november/december) (Brussels)


I'm looking for any kind of interesting job concerning philosophy, writting, traducing, photography, office skills, people skills... for the summer an so on for Protected content . I have social skills, I am also motivated and responsable. In Chile I was assistant in photography and philosophy classes (Universidad Católica de Chile, Instituto Arcos), as well (as everybody) waitress and babysitter. This september, will be finishing my master degree in philosophy (and so, returning to my country of origin : Chile) so, in order to finance my stay (for a little longer) I would like to work.

I worked also as a photographer for the political magazine Qué Pasa, chilean, and also in the arts program of a non-profit foundation for mentally handicaped children (Coanil). For the moment, besides writing my thesis, I work as a babysitter for french/latinamerican kids.

I'm interested in politics, philosophy, litterature, books, languages, europe/latinamerican relations.. so I'm very open to very different jobs. (Secretary, public relations, ong's... )
Ángela Beatriz.

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