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Looking for help and ideas on what i can do (Brussels)

i bought over Protected content on a manic spending spree as ivisited horticulture storess in switzerland, holland and belgium. i am really at a loss of what to do... can i turn it into a tanning salon?

any help and advice is greatly appreciated. so you know the police did pay me a visit however there was nothing actually growing just a pretty significant intent to grow hundreds of trees (of course i havn't grown a tree my entire life) so you can understand this was a bipolar manic episode.

any advice is appreciated. i have hundreds of pots. i have palletx of soil i never collected., i have exhaust filters and in-haust filters.

to give you an idea of the size and scope of my madness i bought what is called a secret garden which is 6 meters by 3 meters. perhaps i could decorate it in some way that i dont have to dissassemble the whole thing as i just got out of the hospital and am still very weak.

any comments suggestions advice appreciated,.

thanks for reading.


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