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Moving in july (Brussels)

Hi there,

My name is Michael. I will be moving to Brussels from Australia in July. I am a Maltese citizen so will be moving there as such.

I'm just looking to link up with a few people and try to understand the environment a bit.

I did have a few questions and if anyone could help that would be great.

1. Taxation - If I go to Brussels as a European Citizen (Malta) would I be charged the tax rate from Belgium or would I be registered as a Maltese citizen and only apply for their tax?

2. Places to live - I have just gotten married last month and looking to bring my wife with me. We would be looking for a nice area to live in, maybe an apartment with 2 Bedrooms. Just wondering where are good spots to look at close to shops etc.

3. Public transport - How accessible is it? Will I still require to buy a car? Can I drive there on an International license?

Thank you very much for any assistance!



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