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Moving to Belgium - The in's and out's required (Brussels)

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to move to Belgium towards the Berrignen side early next year.

I was looking for a bit of inside advice on things really, my dutch and french is really quite poor although I am still learning. Can anybody recommend any classes I could attend?

Further to the obvious language barrier I believe there may be some issue in transferring my skill set across borders to find work and again hoped somebody could perhaps advise?

I am a chartered Building surveyor in the UK working for one of the top 5 consultancy firms and after 6 years of education to get this far i'd like a job in a similar position.

Last one (I promise), As I am moving over to be with my partner I know I will have support but I really would like to make my own friend group out there. Any advise for an English speaking girl to find some new friends in the area?

Thanks all for your time.

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