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Mystery - how to connect with people ?! - PART I (Brussels)


Have you also wondered about this mysterious ability of being able to really connect with people?

I am not talking about the 'replay machines' which 'talks', 'smiles', 'nods at the right moments' while mentally not present at all.

They have no clue what you are talking about. Their eyes show they are not really mentally present.

There are some 'social responses' which acts immediately and without any delay. You push the button with your question - You ask the person - How are you doing? and the machine answers immediately: ' very good' while they have headache, pain in the back, problem with the partner, etc.

The 'social response' always says the right things, at the right moments and without any delay in the answer. You push the button, the response acts immediately. No delays! The machine works perfectly in this case.

You wonder then, where is the connection with a human being? What happened to this thing – you know, about connecting and communicating with people?

I personally don't want to talk to a machine or a play recorder! It's not fun and it's not satisfactory.

However, I must confess, that at times, when I am stuck in one these 'machine type of conversations', then I also put on my 'machinery of social responses'.

Then at least we have two 'social response machines' talking, while we, the spiritual beings behind the scene, are some where else, looking at some other pictures, planning other events, dreaming about our dreams, or trying to solve some other problems....

So I have my share in this as well :-)

The fact is that our happiness and satisfaction in life depends on a large degree in our ability to communicate our ideas, plans, purposes, problems and solutions and to be able to understand the same from others.

So our ability to really communicate, be able to understand and get ourselves understood is the building block for moving and achieving our goals and our happiness in life!

So what is the problem?! And why is it so hard to do?!

What do you think?

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