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Need help in finding a job! (Brussels)

Hello, everybody! I decided to write here because need some help in finding a job in tourism. I am 25, live near Brussels (but can move, no problem with that), have a BA diploma in tourism but cann't find a job because do not speak French yet. I speak Dutch but that doesn't help in finding a job in Brussels ( without some knowledge of French attached). I am looking for a position in a tourism-oriented enterprise (agency, hotel, etc). I do really want to work. I am very active, sociable, client-oriented and friendly, have some work expierence abroad ( job in a hotel), some expirience in teaching Russian and some- in translating. I am also free to travel as much as is needed (I am nor married, neither have children). My native language is Russian. I also speak English fluently and have an advanced level of Dutch language. Any other job propositions are welcome, too. I can accept any proposition if the job by itself interests me (can be not in tourism too!). Hope that I am in the right place at the right time. Thanks for any help and advices in advance!

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