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Nepal Earthquake (Brussels)


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I opened an account today in Kathmandu, Nepal.
I know Nepal very well, and I'm still waiting for some replies from friends. Today I had a phonecall from a friend to give him a phone number to coordinate some lost Belgian people. I try to do something for the people in the streets. I will go back in October, because I lead a planned tour for tourists.
The idea of this account is to give the poor people cash money. ATM's will not work anyway. When enough money on this account, I will fly over there to give personally to people I do not know. Per family I will give Protected content cash, which is an equivilent of 45 euro, enough to buy food for a month.

ACCOUNT : Protected content

or the Belgian account : BE Protected content
Money on this account, I will transfer myself to Nepal.

When I'm in Nepal, I will do this in person!
This account is not a NGO account.

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