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new year eve house dinner/cocktail/dancing (Brussels)


Some expat spend the end of December alone while all their friends are gone. As in the past couple of years, I host a small dinner/cocktail/dance party at home.

My place is close to metro Montgomery.

You know this event is for you when:
- you want to show off your cooking skill
- you want to meet some new people with probably a complete different background (no age limit but I expect an average of 30y old, as I post this also in other networks)
- you want to spend an evening in-door, dry, warm, with large quantity of food, cocktail and dance :)
- this event is NOT compatible with firework in the city centre, please consider before signing up.

What to bring:
- a smile
- your dancing spirit
- a dish (could be main, side dish, dessert)
- a list of video clips on youtube for the dancing part (make a small play list)
- a cocktail recipe and bring the missing ingredients

There is a limit in capacity and I want to have an even proportion of girls/guys (necessary for the dancing part).
Let's start with 6 guys and 6 girls, if you arrived too late, just sign up on the waiting list and I'll see if someone resigns or if I get some extra chair/table.

Please sign up here by naming a dish that you'd bring, also check what the others are already offering.

I'll update a list of definite participants on the go, they will receive the address and contact info closer to the date.

--- Protected content inventory:
~3L of beer
- 4bottle of white/red/rose wine
- 2b of Irish cream
- 1b of porto blanco
- 3 small bottles of vodka for shot <- not mixing
- 1.5b of gin
- 1b of sake
- 3b of cava/champagne
- 1b of havana club
- 1b of citroen <- not a car, 20% alch
~1b martini
- 1/2b of limoncello
- 1/2b of advocaat
- 1/2b of whiskey
- 1/2b of cointeau

--- mixer inventory:
- 1b of sprite
- 2b of coca cola
- 1b of tonic water
- 1b of sirop of grenadine
- 1b of concentrated citroensmaak
- 1/2b of sugar cane
- 1b milk
- some eggs
- a few lemons

--- Protected content
girls' list:
- Beata (Pierogi)
- Antonia (Salad + finger food)
- Catherine (dessert)
- Theresa (starter: Mashroom with cheese)
- Jessica (main dish: pasta or guiche)
====waiting list/awaiting confirmation
- Justyna?

guys' list:
- Vincent (can host 1, main dish: happy wings; dessert: cake)
- Mehdi (can host 1, starter: Briwat)
- Angelo (from another network)
- Gregory (main dish: pizza or quiche)
- Gregory's +1
- Héctor (main dish: poulet au citron)
====waiting list/awaiting confirmation
- Amine (dessert)
- Morgan? (no news)

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