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No excuses time for training. Personal Training! (Brussels)

I think new year's resolutions are great if you can stick to them. How many of us have started the year resolving to lose weight, exercise every day, spend more time with our friends and family or read more? We make these resolutions with good intentions, but somehow by the first week in February, we either have forgotten what we promised ourselves or just plain given up.

I think it is because old habits are hard to break and new ones even harder to start. I have been told that to form a habit, something that we do every day without thinking about it, like brushing our teeth or putting on our seat belt, you must repeat it 21 times. In less than a month, you can form a lifelong habit.

Well sports should be a lifelong habit because of the great benefits it produces on the body and the mind but inexplicably people dont practice sports as often as they should.

So now that the good weather has begun there are really no excuse out there to start doing some sports! And for all those out there who dont have the movitation, consistency or want to start but dont know how, I offer them my service. Anyone interested dont hesitated to get in touch with me.

Best regards,


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