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Requesting help with employment leads/guidance. (Brussels)

My goal is to relocate to Brussels, though I need to find work first. I have dual citizenship EU & USA.

My experience falls within communication/marketing, wireless communication industry and also operations/management within the food & hospitality industry. I'm also tech savvy - web design, CMS, photoshop, HTML, CSS, animations, MS Office, social media, etc.

I currently live in Italy (4 yrs) so I am familiar with the challenges of being an expat and finding work. I recently gained dual citizenship in the EU which alleviates the need for a work permit and removes the employment limitations of my initial Italian visa. Nonetheless, my aim is to relocate to Brussels since it is a more international city than Milan and I feel it would be a better cultural fit for me.

A challenge for me is my languages. I'm English mother tongue, speak Latvian and basic Italian. I don't speak French or Flemish (yet :))

Ultimately, I'd love to work full-time, but to get started out I'm glad to freelance, consult, work-part time as long as it gives me an opportunity to have some income and get assimilated with Brussels. (Web design, web maintenance, admin work, content management & creation, restaurant work, catering, photography....I'm open to opportunities! )

Thank you!

If you have any words of wisdom, leads, and ideas for me I would be grateful. If you would like a better overview of my experience & skills, my Linkedin profile is: Protected content

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