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Strikes hitting Brussels

UPDATED on 15/12 with new info for the airport!

Belgium has a new federal government, and the unions don't agree. So new strikes are upon us... The unions have announced a "hot fall", and have announced that strikes or protests could be happening on a daily basis. Yes, daily.... The pivotal service seems to be rail. Brace yourselves!

- Nov 3 : the unions have to "prepare" and inform their members for the protest day on Thursday, so it is possible temporary work stops are possible during the day.

- Nov 4: possible protests on the national rail service

- Nov 6 : national protest day, manifestation in Brussels. Websites and news sites are not clear. Expect strong disturbances on MIVB/STIB transport in Brussels. MIVB/STIB claims there will be busses, trams, metro but I have my doubts. Other services might be affected as well, like rail (including international), post, garbage collecting. Sunday service everywhere else. This may also affect your child care service or school, so check in advance.

- Nov Protected content possible protests on rail service, on and off. You need to take a train? Check the website beforehand! This might also affect international trains. Focal days are Nov 24, Dec 1, Dec 8 (which they call "regional protests by province). Even though those days are regional, rail service might be affected nation wide.

- Dec 8 : protest day in the Brussels area. Expect no MIVB/STIB transport in Brussels, no trains, no public services.

- Dec 15 : national strike day. Pretty much everything will be affected in the whole of Belgium. No busses, trams, metro, trains, mail, airport will be hit, school sercices.

Each sector is planning its own protests, so stay tuned, check websites before travelling. I'll update when I find out more details.

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