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Tax filing / mutuelle questions (Brussels)

Dear All,

Like everyone else, i received recently my tax filing papers (all in French) and i am planning on tackling this. A colleague of mine offered in filling these forms out. I wanted to check if any of you had experiences in filing taxes by your own, or is it better to hire a tax consultant who can maybe get more out of the taxes i paid so far?

I am asking because as we all know the Belgian government loves taking a loooot of taxes, i pay ca 52 % on my income and i just recently paid 60%!!!!!!!! on my Bonus!

Since i pay quite a bit of taxes i thought that my hospital bill would be 90% covered or something (at least this is what i was told). I received a bill of Protected content , for a stay of 7 days at the hospital. The mutuelle (Euromut) paid Protected content from a total bit of ca Protected content . This excludes all the medication costs, transportation and after checkup which totals another Protected content .

I really am curious if some of these hospital and healthcare expenses i can get back. I also paid roughly Protected content just to get some moles removed!

Paying such a huge bill for Taxes, i thought the costs for healthcare would be much better!

Id really appreciate your comments and experiences!


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