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Teaching English in Liege, Bruges, or Brussels

Hi, has anyone had any experience getting teaching jobs in any of these cities?

I have heard mixed things about how difficult it is to get jobs in Brussels for English teachers without Masters Degrees.

I'm hoping to get some feedback from those with similar situation as mine:

1) I'm a native English speaker (American)
2) I have a UK passport so I am a dual US/EU citizen and can legally work in Brussels without a Visa
3) I have a Bachelor's Degree and a TEFL Certification

I also have 15 years of business experience (marketing, social media, sales management, and events management in the wine industry) so I'm not a young adult with no experience in the world.

I've used a lot of the references out there, but real information (real time information) from real people in the country, is what I find most valuable :)

If anyone has stories/advice for me I would be very grateful. While I'm hoping to teach business English to adults, I'll certainly consider other professional employment.

I was planning on trying to set up interviews towards the end of the year for a job starting in the new year. So right now, having a list of places in the areas I'm considering, that I could reach out to, to introduce myself to/do research on- would be awesome



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